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No Game, No Life Zero Movie PV Trailer #1 – Releases July 15, 2017

Here’s the first look at the upcoming No Game, No Life movie PV trailer….

We also get some information on the characters that will be appearing in the movie along with the trailer:

Here are the details of the characters that will be making an appearance in the movie. Keep in mind that these are just rough translations:


Corone Dora: A girl who self-named his sister-in-law who is Riki’s inhabitant led by Riku. Always bright, presence as a mood maker of a settlement.


Gibryl: A girl with a heavenly wing species (flugel) also called a god ‘s scout. I have overwhelming power, I met, but I can not last alive, I can not go home.


Nonna Zell: A girl living in a village led by Riku. Ivan’s daughter who goes out of the village with Riku and is looking for supplies and information. I am looking forward to my father’s return


Riku: A young leader leading human colonies. A boy with a strong will to carry out without sacrificing any sacrifice if it is to protect the village


Sink Nirvaren: The head of the prestigious aristocrat Nirvaren family of forest species (Elf). A genius practitioner who is excelled in magical skills and is said to have no one lined up next to him.


Shuvi: A girl with a mechanical mechanism where Riku meets. It has a high fighting ability and various weapons in tribes called Kaika (Exkakina)





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