Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Releases April 18th

A brand new trailer for the upcoming action-RPG, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, which comes to PlayStation 4 on 18 April 2017 is here….

In todayโ€™s Music Trailer, we invite you to discover the magical lands and characters of the Lightning Kingdom, accompanied by an entrancing, original soundtrack. This gives you a good first taste of the tracks that will accompany you along your journey!

Our gameโ€™s universe was first born over 20 years ago from the pen strokes of Samir Rebib, the Artistic Director of Enigami. Composed of passionate people, our young studio went through a successful Kickstarter campaign, allowing Shiness to grow and gain momentum before being accompanied by Focus Home Interactive.

Weโ€™ve pumped all our energy and passion into Shiness, and in less than a month a child’s dream finally becomes an indie-RPG with a bold personalityโ€ฆ and enchanting music!

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom comes to PlayStation 4 on 18 April 2017!


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