Introducing “Breach” – A New Mode Coming To Deus Ex Mankind Divided on March 23rd

Square Enix introduces Breach,Β A New Mode Coming To Deus Ex Mankind Divided on March 23rd….

Bleach is a mode completely different from the game main title, the aim is to make the player an avatar of the virtual world and steal evidence of a conspiracy hidden in the server. While dodging the security program, getting data and escaping makes it closer to the truth of the world.

The player accesses the server reproduced in the virtual space as an avatar and steals evidence of corruption and intrigue spreading to the world. Compete with the hackers around the world, break through the security and reveal the secret!

“Bleach” is a new mode which has completely different game characteristics from the main part. Under the direction of “Shadow Child”, the world’s best hacker, it becomes the “ripper” and it is the purpose to steal data and steal data to the server.

The player becomes an avatar and invades a server reproduced in the virtual world. Inside the server, a security program for protecting data appears as an enemy and stops players. Get enemy dodge data and let’s escape from the virtual world safely.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Bleach has its own augmentation. Let’s upgrade the avatar with augmentation as in this volume and capture more sophisticated servers.


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