Shardbound is a Tactical CCG for PC that that gives streamers and their viewers exciting new ways to interact and play together on Twitch!…..

Oddly enough when I first came across this game, it was actually from a concept art that I saw on ArtStation way back in 2016. At first I just thought it an artist sharing his/her dream idea of a game character so I paid little attention to it but recently I’ve been seeing a lot more of these concept arts pop up online and so my curiosity was peaked at that point and I  decided to do some research on it and now I’m glad that I did.


Shardbound is a Tactical CCG for PC that combines board-based tactical gameplay with the depth of content found in collectible card games.

The core of the game is a competitive 1v1 PvP experience which we’ve wrapped in an innovative social metagame that not only allows players to have fun with their friends, but also provides streamers and their viewers exciting new ways to interact and play together on Twitch.


The core rules of play are simple. Armed with a deck of minions and spells, your goal is to defeat your opponent’s hero. Like in other card games, you’ll take turns with your opponent figuring out how to best utilize your hand. However, in Shardbound, playing a card summons a 3D character onto the map. But what caught my interested the most is this neat little feature they have with Twitch called “The ShardFall System”.


In the Overworld view of Shardbound, you’ll find floating islands falling out of the upper atmosphere. These Shardfalls contain objectives for you to complete while you’re playing your PvP matches. You will form a Noble House with your friends, and venture out to Shardfalls to earn loot and rewards.

If you’re watching somebody streaming Shardbound on Twitch, we literally drop their Shardfall directly into your overworld. The streamer’s Shardfall has special Twitch objectives and content generated specifically for their viewers to complete.

In addition to seeing the Shardfalls of people you might already be watching on Twitch, we also populate the overworld with the Shardfalls of other streamers you may have never seen before! This provides you opportunities to discover new personalities on Twitch, while delivering a steady stream of new objectives to keep you challenged and earning rewards.


Overall I think this sounds like a very interesting concept for a game. If you wanna learn more about Shardbound and their team, head over to their website or go to their kickstarter page if you want to show support.

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