Nintendo just released two new trailers for Arms, an upcoming fighting video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch….

The first trailer features  the type of equipment’s you’ll be able to equip on your chosen fighter, These range from Fire Punch, Big Punch, Thunder Punch, Boomerang Punch, Revolver Punch, and Salamander Punch.

The second trailer is a introduction trailer featuring Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Master Mummy, and Mechanica. Thanks to Rice Digital for the translations:

Spring Man – Spring Man is balanced in power and speed. His shockwave can be used to block enemy attacks and then follow up with a counter strike! When his HP drops to 1/4, his Charge Mode allows him to deal extra damage with every hit!

Ribbon Girl – The idol of the ring, Ribbon Girl’s ability to multi-jump allows her to dodge attacks and strike from the air!

Ninjara – As expected of a ninja-style fighter, Ninjara has the ability to teleport with mid-air dashes! Using these can help him dodge hits from his opponent and close in quickly to attack!

Master Mummy – Master Mummy is a powerful character who doesn’t stagger much when hit. He also heals while guarding, which is a really great ability! From his size though, he looks like he’ll probably be quite slow.

Mechanica – Similiar to Master Mummy, Mechanica is a heavyweight character who doesn’t stagger when she takes a hit. She has the ability to hover when the jump button is held, allowing her to overpower her opponent from above!

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Arms is set for release in Q2 2017!

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