Bossa Studios, the creators of Surgeon Simulator, I am Bread and Worlds Adrift, proudly announce their latest title… Decksplash!…


Decksplash meshes physical Fingerboard toys with arena arcade gameplay (Rocket League, Splatoon) in a 3v3 competitive showdown where players grind, spin, and splash their way to victory. Beneath those cheeky deck designs there is deeper gameplay to be mastered:

  • Chain Combos – Linking tricks with grinds creates bigger combos and bigger combos mean higher scores… the higher the score, the more colossal your paint splash.
  • Create Tricks – For the first time in a Bossa game we give you GENUINELY responsive controls! Yes, you heard it right, in this game we want you to grind your deck and not your teeth! You have direct control of the board, allowing you to create your own tricks and combos to get the biggest score possible.
  • Shockwaves – Ride through your team’s paint to build up your Shockwave meter and unleash a powerful blast that will disrupt your opponents and cause them to instantly lose their combo!
  • Score Zone – Drop a Score Zone with your Shockwave at strategic points in the arena. If your friends can land tricks in the Zone they’ll nail a score multiplier! Work with your teammates to place this in the right spots at the right time.
  • Study the Opposition – Keep an eye on the other team’s progress so you can time your strategy just right! The size of a player’s combo is reflected by the size and vibrancy of their trail and on-screen indicators show you their position when they are not in your field of view.
  • Dominate the arena – Get to grips with the layout to know where the best scoring areas are for maximum paint coverage.
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