Dragon Ball Super Universe Survival Arc Teaser Trailer gave us a bunch of new information about the upcoming Universe Tournament and oh boy do we have a lot to talk about….

So before we get started, I gotta put this disclaimer here now so that we’re both clear on what’s about to happen. I’m about to speculate on what I saw in this trailer below and everything I say from here on out is all just speculations and NOT facts. Alright let’s get started.

Lets address the elephant in the room first, since that’s the one that has gotten everyone hyped up the most. It appears we are finally getting a female super saiyan in the series. That alone is hype-worthy in itself, but what makes this case even more intriguing is the fact that this young female saiyan bares a striking resembles to the all-so popular, NON-canon legendary super saiyan Broly. Already the community has dubbed this character the “Female Broly” and the discussions has since taken off.

There is no denying it that this new female saiyan looks just like Broly. Green Hair, red clothing, no pupils, golden braces on both arms, buffed AF too…yeah she’s definitely inspired by Broly, but the real question is, is she legendary and part of the team Uni 6 squad?  I wanna say yes, but that would contradict the story in a way.

When Cabba fought Vegeta, he stated that he had never heard of a saiyan going super, leading many of us to believe that no one in Planet Salad has ever achieved that transformation and making Cabba the first. One could argue that she could have been off planet when she achieved that transformation but that’s up for debate. Or she’s a saiyan from another universe altogether. Either way what I’m more interested in is seeing how the community will react to this announcement.

Now let’s talk about those new gods of destruction and their respective angels. First off, I’m really liking their designs for them, from what I was able to spot, we got an elephant, Fox/Coyote, weird eyeball looking monster, a giant, a chihuahua, even a female human, the variety is unreal. But the most interesting one as you might have already guessed is the clown looking God of Destruction.

You can’t sit there and tell me that his Angel doesn’t look like Harley Queen, making the clown look like the Joker. But what made their appearance even more interesting is the hooded figure that’s with them. Is this a hint that this god of destruction might end up sabotaging the tournament? Guess we will just have to wait and see.

All the Angels shown during the teaser looked relatively normal so there’s not much to say about them to be honest.

I’m really getting hyped for this new arc and I can’t wait to see the personality of all these gods in action. Check out the trailer below.

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