From the developers at Any Arts production comes the first trailer of the magical world of Seasons of Heaven for the Nintendo Switch.

The trailer shows what I believe to be an early build of the game and right of the bat, it looks visually impressive. The animation however looks stiff right now but I’m sure that will be fixed in the near future.

Seasons of Heaven – inspired game Nico Augusto’s novel features Yann, a child with Asperger’s syndrome, and his bulldog, Ani.

The video is a little less than 4 minutes long, showing off some variety of environments with the forest, a green plain, a Japanese temple, a beach at sunset, statues of Easter Island, continents floating and various interior immersed in the darkness.

They will encounter wandering souls as well as an enormous monster from which they will have to hide.  Running on Unreal Engine 4, there will be exploration (ground or in the air), climbing, infiltration, traps, puzzles, and mutual aid.

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