During the Game Awards, we actually got a new IP from Phoenix Labs called Dauntless, co-op, action RPG in which you hunt down monsters and craft weapons from their dead corpses…

Dauntless is a co-op action RPG that’s coming to PC in 2017. The idea here is that creatures known as Behemoths are terrorizing the lands of SHATTERED ISLES and it’s up the players to party up and hunt these creature down. During battles the Behemoths’s behavior pattern will change depending on the amount of damage it receives, or the limbs it loses, making each fight dynamic.



Once the beast is defeated or should I say slain, players will be able to go Monster Hunter-style on their asses and use the monster’s parts to craft powerful weapons and armors. This concept isn’t anything new so I’m really hoping the combat in this new IP is solid. I’m also hoping their will be a variety of fighting style like dual wielding, bow wielding etc.



What’s even cooler is that these weapons can be further upgraded using the energy from the world called AETHER. Basically to sum it up for you, if you’ve played games like Monster Hunter or God Eaters then this game’s right up your alley.

If you want more info on this game then head over to their website for more information.

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