A lot of new news for Nier Automata have been posted and they’re some pretty cool stuff…

Square Enix released a 25-second gameplay video of NieR: Automata‘s Final Fantasy XV collaboration, which shows YoRHa No.2 Type B  wielding Noctis’ “Engine Blade” weapon.

YouTube player

We also got a bunch of new screenshots of the new forest area that players will be able to explore. Along with these screenshots, we got a translated information on the forest and those machines, thanks to Gematsu and Famitsu,

A naturally rich area where lush forests spread out alongside a gently flowing stream. An old building converted into a giant castle that gives off a lingering scent of civilization lies deep in the woodlands. Along the way, you can also see how the machine life-forms that once protected the castle are rusting away.

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