The hype for Pokemon Sun and Moon continues with the special Pokemon Sun and Moon New Nintendo 3ds Edition for North America…

Nintendo and the Pokémon Company have revealed a Sun & Moon themed New 3DS XL. The new system will launch on October 28, three weeks before Pokemon Sun and Moon come out on November 18. Besides the cool design, this edition will offer a Pokemon Sun and Moon dual-pack that comes with both games and codes to unlock 100 Poke Balls each. So if you’re someone who was planning on picking up a new 3DS for Pokemon Sun and Moon, I suggest waiting for this deal. The system is priced at $200.

I’m not sure if this special edition will be the same as the edition that was announced a while back for Europe, providing fans with a duel -pack of both Pokemon Sun and Moon & a code for 100 pokeballs. If you want to read more on that go here.


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