Another day, another Pokemon Sun & Moon corocoro news leak. One’s about Rockruff multiple evolution and new ultra beasts while the other is about a new anime series…

Lets start with the game news first. It turns out that Rockruff, everyone’s favorite pup will have two evolution depending on the time of day he evolves. This make it even more interesting when you realize that this pup has connection to the starter Pokemon. Does this mean that each starter Pokemon will have multiple evolution depending on the time of evolution? Lets hope so.

corocoro_1 corocoro_2

Next we got more Ultra Beasts revealed, UB-02 Beauty and UB -02 Expansion. Do they remind you of someone. If you’re thinking of Lusamine and Gladion then I don’t blame you, these “Pokemon” bare a striking resembles to these humans. Now what does this mean though? Adding to the fact that Lillie, Lusamine and Gladion already share similar feature like the same hair and eye color, it doesn’t help that now there are Ultra Beasts out there that look like them. The mystery continues.

corocoro_3 corocoro_4

Lastly, it seems that Ash is going back to school in a new anime titled…well Pokemon Sun and Moon. Prepare to start a series in which Ash dreams of graduating from School, but never accomplishes it. OK joking aside, it seems this anime might go in a more goofy side  of things judging from Ash’s comical face expression.


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