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Honestly after seeing these redesigns by Wendy Borg, it makes you wonder if Pokemon Go was ever finished when it was released to the public…


Wendy Borg created her version of what the Pokemon Go should look like if it was completed and honestly it puts the current version of the app to shame. Looking at all these concept art made by her actually made me want to play Pokemon Go even more and got me hyped up for all the future updates to come. According to Wendy,

As a long time Pokémon fan, I was quite happy to hear that Nintendo finally decided to make a Pokémon MMO (well…sort of). Unfortunately, the app has a lot to wish for. The battery life is rather short and the game sometimes has issues notifying you on time. Furthermore, features so inherent to the franchise are currently still missing, among which trading and battling. This redesign incorporates all those features to recapture the enjoyable experience that Pokémon players have grown so fond of over the years.


If you want to see more of her work, go to her website now and check it out. Hopefully she gets hired by Niantic so that we might see some of her ideas become a reality.

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