Pokemon Go, the app that everyone loves to use to catch Pokemon has become an international phenomenon. So it should be of no surprise that some crazy stuff have happened since the app’s release to the public…. 

Teens playing Pokemon Go get shot at by a Stranger

how to be the best pokemon go trainer

This story involves gamers being shot at in real life while to become the very best. According to MTV, A Florida man was reported by police to have fired shots at and hit a car. The young teens apparently parked right outside the man’s house at 01:30 in hopes to catch some Pokemon. This could have ended badly if these teens hadn’t stayed in the cars.

Man in New Zealand quits his job to play Pokemon Go


Look, I want to be the very best like no one ever was and catch them all too but in order for me to do that, I gotta have a full stomach and some security in my life. This guy however went full dedication mode for Pokemon Go. According to BBC, Tom Currie worked as a barista and bartender at a seaside restaurant on the Hibiscus Coast near Auckland but decided it was time to follow in Red’s footstep and catch em’ all.

Trainers keep finding dead bodies while playing Pokemon Go


Unless you live in lavender town, freaky shit like finding dead bodies shouldn’t be happening to you but it does for these people. Numerous reports have come out of people finding dead bodies while playing Pokemon Go, all of which have not been the cause of malicious attack thankfully. Still, it must be weird finding a dead body on the ground or in a river.

Two men apparently fell from a cliff above a beach near San Diego playing Pokémon Go.


The game warns you every time before logging in to be aware of your surroundings but apparently it’s too difficult for these guys to follow. The men were playing the game in Encinitas when they fell more than 75 feet to the beach below. According to FoxNews, the men got distracted while trying to catch Pokémon. Look I may be able to understand if you fell to your impeding doom for a Mewtwo, but for a Pikachu? Bruh you need to get you act together. Luckily both of these guys are safe.

Robbers use lures to rob trainers


The moment I understood what those lures can do for Pokestop, it was only a matter of time before someone took advantage of it for evil purposes. According to The Guardian, Missouri suspects used app’s geo-location feature to target ‘unwitting victims’ and still their shit. The apps best feature is the social aspects that comes from running into a fellow trainer and exchanging tips. If this type of horrible incident keeps happening, people will stop using the app altogether and that’s no good.

Terrified woman gets locked in a cemetery while hunting for Pokémon.

Damm. she really wanted that Haunter huh? Nah but for real, this poor woman apparently got herself locked up in a cemetery after wandering inside to catch a Pokemon. According to MailOnline, the woman claimed she was locked in a graveyard for 20 minutes after it closed while she was playing Pokemon Go. Let’s hope she caught the Pokemon she sought out for in the first place.

Man crashes his car while playing Pokmon Go*sigh* smh.


Bruh, I have been preaching about this for days on end. DO NOT PLAY POKEMON GO WHILE DRIVING. You look stupid as fuck, endanger yourself and everyone around you and it defeats the purpose of the game in the first place. This guy clearly didn’t catch that memo. News Australia reports a car accident involving an injured driver after crashing into a tree.
“The driver admitted to actively playing the Pokemon Go game while driving causing him to become distracted and run off the roadway into a tree,” the statement said. I nothing more to day to this, I’m glad no innocent bystanders where hurt by this man’s negligence for others safety.

Well that’s all I got for you guys that I’ve heard of anyways. If you’ve heard any stories yourself, share them down in the comment section below and please stay safe.


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