Another day, another new Pokemon trailer for Sun and Moon…

This trailer is currently in Japanese but it shows 7 brand new Pokemon. I’ll update it with the English version once that has been released. As more information are revealed, I’ll be sure to update this article accordingly so stay tuned.

According to the translation done by Serebii the types are –

  • Tapukoko is Electric/Fairy;
  • Charjabug is Bug/Electric;
  • Vikavolt is Bug/Electric;
  • Drampa is Normal/Dragon;
  • Bruxish is Water/Psychic;
  • Cutiefly is Bug/Fairy;
  • Togedemaru is Electric/Steel-type.

original (1)Serebii even provided visuals to help the fans out.

YouTube player

Here are some screenshots of the new Pokemon.

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