With this week been Sonic’s 25th Birthday, a lot of awesome information and surprise have started to surface the internet…

Let’s start with the major news first. During Sonic’s 25 Anniversary Party at Tokyo Joypolis, Iizuka announced a new Sonic project in 2017. It hasn’t been revealed yet what this new project will be all about but if I were to guess I’d say it’s going to be a revitalization for the Sonic franchise, with possible toys, merchandise, collaboration, comics, TV show and games to come. They also confirmed that the next main series Sonic game, the 25th anniversary edition, is  scheduled to launch sometime in 2017.

Alongside this news came some concept art of various Sonic characters that showed what the would’ve looked like before taking their final form. Check them out below.

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Next up is a small trailer that shows us the evolution of the Sonic series. Now I encourage to watch the trailer as there are a small amount of jokes in this trailer that will sure to make you laugh.

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And lastly and probably my favorite thing to talk about, Sonic and Eggman have decided to invade out reality through their official Twitter account once again to answer all our important questions. The result are absolutely hilarious, here are just some sample of the question answered. Make sure to head over to their Twitter to see more.

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