If you are someone who for some unknown reason still hasn’t watched My Hero Academia at this stage, you’re doing yourself a great disservice as you  are missing out on one of the possible greatest anime to have been released this Q2 2016 of the and I’m here toady to convince you of that fact……

Don’t worry, there will be no spoilers in this article.

The story follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without superpowers in a world where superpowers also known as Quirks have become the norm, but still dreams of becoming a superhero himself. With the encounter of the world’s greatest hero, All Might, who after seeing his determination and passion to become a hero, shares his powers “One For All” with Izuku and enrolls him in a high school known as U.A. High School, a school that cultivates the next generation of Heroes in training.


One of the strongest point of the anime in my opinion is that the main character Izuku, sometimes called Deku by other characters in the show, is a very relate-able character. He seeks to achieve his dreams not matter what and faces criticism of that dream.

We all have our on dreams, big or small, and have faced moments where people close to us have told us how foolish these dreams are and we understand the pain that comes from those moments. Watching Izuku’s journey to achieve his dreams is like watching yourself, you end up wanting to cheer him on and see him achieve his dreams.


The second thing that I like about the show is the sense of humor. I think I’ve laughed or at the very least had a smile on my face for every episode I’ve seen thus far. It reminds me a lot of all the old school anime that I used to watch as a kid, anime that aren’t afraid to not take themselves serious at times. But don’t let that fool you as the anime can have some pretty dark and serious moments too, especially near the end of the first season. We learn as the heroes of U.A. also do, how serious the hero business truly is and how the villains don’t play around.


The characters in the show are all amazing and interesting in their own rights. Each heroes have powers that suit certain situation and seeing them use the ability is pretty awesome. The character development in this show is great too, the characters that you didn’t initially care for in the show at the start can easily become one of your favorite which is what happened to me with Bakugo.

And lastly is how the show took the whole “get stronger by training” structure and twisted it around. Instead of the hero starting out with a low power level and gradually growing into an all powerful hero, he already has that kind of power at the start and now face the struggle of adapting to that power. So because of that power, Izuku rely’s heavily on his brain to get him out of situations. Izuku is a great analyst and strategist and uses that plan his attacks accordingly.


The anime is a 13 episode anime, with the final episode airing on 19/06 so you have a good week to catch up and join the hype for this anime as I can say with confident that you will not regret your time with it.

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