So we finally got see this Watch Dogs 2 officially for the first time and like last time, it doesn’t fail in the graphics department…

Ubisoft recently having been teasing us about Watch Dogs 2, the follow-up to the open-world action game released Watch Dogs for a while now and today we finally got to see what the game’s all about. The trailer shows us all the details on Watch Dogs 2 and some behind the scenes of how the game is made.

The biggest part of the game is that the world now feels more alive and is no longer focused around the players. Sounds cool but I’ll have to see and play it myself to see whether that statement holds

They also introduced the new protagonist, Marcus Holloway, described as ”A young hacker, brilliant at what he does.”

There’s a lot of tweaks to some of the old mechanics, like multiple hacking, selective hacking and more. The multiplayer seems to be even more integrated than the last game too.

Look, I’m not gonna lie, everything they have said in this reveal sounds promising as hell but I can’t forget what they did with the first Watch Dogs so I’m saying very skeptic with the sequel. At the very least I’ll give them the benefit-of-the-doubt until the game releases.

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