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 We knew it would happen eventually and now it’s finally confirmed, Injustice 2 is in the works and its teaser trailer, which is all CGI btw, gives us a glimpse at what we can expect from the game…

From the trailer, we get the idea that battle armor and evolving stages are going to be the major selling point in the latest installment of the Injustice franchise.

According to Netherrealms:

The Gear System uses RPG-like mechanics to reward you with loot drops every time you play the game. With each loot drop, you will earn character-specific gear to outfit and power up your roster – changing not only the look of each character, but your fight strategy and your personal approach to every match. As you gear up your characters, you’re building a roster of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains that reflects your choices, and your preferences, which can be vastly different than your opponents. A few play sessions in, you can expect your Aquaman to look and play different than anyone else’s Aquaman you may come across.

In my first impression video that I did, I assumed that the characters would evolve as the battle progresses, adding battle gear when need be, but that’s not the case here. I honestly would have liked to see something like that but this whole gear system thing isn’t bad either.

Also it has been confirmed that Supergirl, Gorilla Grodd, and Atrocitus will be joining the roster, although only Supergirl was seen in the trailer.

I can’t wait to see some actual gameplay to show off this new mechanic at E3.

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