Well this isn’t really much of a shocker, considering his name gave it away but it does open up a number of discussion as to why this Black Goku resembles our Goku so much…

First off, let’s get rid of the small news first, Mai is back, I guess. It’s not the most epic and exciting Dragon Ball News out there but it’s still news. The community already thinks that Mai and Trunks are a couple and honestly I find that slightly disturbing but at the same time, I don’t really care all that much either. Now let’s proceed to the actual news y’all came here to read.

So a new scan came out today which finally shows us the face of the mysterious Black Goku. His face as expected is an identical match with that of the regular Goku, with the only difference been that his Gi outfit is black and he seems to be sporting some sort of Potara earring. However the Potara earrings that Black Goku is wearing is slightly different. As we know, the Potara earrings that we have come to know are usually yellow, with the only exception been Gohan, who had a blue version on.


It could also be that this Black Goku is just wearing a regular earring but since this is Dragon Ball we are talking about, I highly doubt that’s the case here. I have a few theories myself that might be able to fill in the blanks.

The first theory is a rather simple one and probably isn’t going to sit well with the Dragon Ball Community but what if someone in Trunks’s future decided to wish an evil version of Goku into existences, thus the birth of Black Goku. It’s simple and something Toriyama might actually do in Super.

The next theory I have is a far-fetched one but still could happen. What if the Makaiōshin, also known as the Demon Realm Supreme Kai, introduced in the second Dragon Ball: Super Exciting Guide are behind the creation of Black Goku. The Demon Realm Supreme Kais are in a sense the opposites of the Supreme Kais, but can be as powerful as the Grand Supreme Kai.

Maybe they went to earth and searched for Goku’s dead body (presuming that this is the same Future Trunks’s as before) and brought his body back to life with their own version of the Potara earrings. Honestly this particular theory of mine is already flawed in my opinion. I mean when you think about it, why stop at Goku, if I were them I’d bring back Vegeta too for the heck of it, but I’m not Toriyama or the Makaiōshin.

And lastly my final and probably the goofiest theory of them all is that what if…brace yourself for this one…what if it’s actually Goten all grown up…I know, mind blown. OK, maybe that last one is too far-fetched to be realistic but it would the ultimate twist of a century if it was actually true.

Anyways joking aside, I guess we will find out the truth behind Black Goku on June 12th, so until then if you have any crazy theories of your own, share them with me in the comments below.


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