In Overwatch, team work is essential for ensuring victory over your opponent and it all comes down to knowing your heroes inside and out. But what’s even more important is to understanding the hero compositions and changing your hero based on the current situation of the game. If your lost or don’t know the counters, don’t worry I got you…

Now in order to beat a hero, you would need to know which hero counters that hero. To be honest, a skilled player could counter any hero but in normal circumstances that’s not the case.

So today, I present to you a guide that’s lets you know which hero is strong against certain heroes and help you answer the call of Winston with confidence.

(Note that as the game continues to grow and as I get feedback from you guys the readers, I will continue to add to the list any counters that have been discovered and update them when necessary).

Let’s get started.



  • Genji > Bastion

Not much needs to be said. See a pesky Bastion hunkered down, sneak near him and open up a can of DEFLECT on his ass. That should end him.

  • Genji > Torbjörn

Torbjörn’s turrets can really be a pain in the ass to deal with, especially if it’s well placed. A skilled Genji can quickly dispose of this nuisances in seconds. Just be careful that Torbjörn isn’t around to keep fixing it or your sacrifice will be in vain brave ninja.

  • Genji > Mercy

Now a lot of you may disagree with me here but, I feel that if executed correctly, Genji could take out a Mercy. This can be done in the midst of battle when everyone is distracted with the objective. A Genji can swoop in, dealing some quick damage and finish things off with SWIFT STRIKE and get away. And in a 1v1 scenario, Mercy wouldn’t stand a chance in my opinion.



  • McCree > Tracer

If you’re getting sick and tired of been blitzkrieged by Tracer and her Blink ability, then I suggest hero swapping to the outlaw bounty hunter, Jesse McCree. What gives Mcree the upper-hand against Tracer is his FLASHBANG. McCree heaves a blinding grenade that explodes shortly after it leaves his hand. The blast staggers enemies in a small radius. This will for sure stop that pesky Tracer in her tracks. Just remember, his FLASHBANG is limited in range and may not hit perfectly. So it’s up to you to make that FLASHBANG count.

  • McCreeReaper

Reaper is powerful in his own right, with his Hellfire Shotguns, the ghostly ability to become immune to damage, and the power to step between shadows make Reaper one of the deadliest beings on Earth. However, he is out beating by Mcree’s length. Basically what you need to do is be able to predict when Reaper will either enter into his WRAITH FORM or SHADOW STEP while keeping him at a distance and BANG! GG!

  • McCree > Roadhog

Roadhog is pretty powerful to deal with as it is, with his signature Chain Hook to pull his enemies close and shredding them with his Scrap Gun, his already a force to be wrecking with. Plus, he can recover his health with a TAKE A BREATHER. However, he is not invincible. Roadhog doesn’t have any mobility skills like Winston does, so that makes him a very big target for someone like McCree who does a lot of single target damage. Let’s not forget that McCree can also use his COMBAT ROLL and FLASHBANG to get away from Roadhog’s nasty hooks or his stun to escape for when he does get hooked.



  • Widowmaker > Tracer/Pharah

Widowmaker’s versatile sniper rifle, WIDOW’S KISS is ideal for scope-aimed shots at distant targets. It’s especially great to take out Tracer and Pharah who each have very low health, and are basically subject to 1 hit KO’s by Windowmaker.

  • Widowmaker > Bastion

Bastion is one annoying robot. Once this guy finds a nice flanking spot and settles down, he going to be mowing down other heroes like flies. The best heroes to deal with this pesky robot is to use either Windowmaker to drop his shield and get a clean shot in to shut him down for good or you can go in with like I mentioned before Genji and use the mirror force aka DEFLECT to give him a taste of his own medicine.


  • Mei > Genji

The best way to deal with a Genji is to have a Mei in your team that can apply pressure to him using her ENDOTHERMIC BLASTER. Since Genji can’t reflect beam attack and will be slowed down, he’ll become easy picking for you and any nearby teammates.

  • Mei > Winston/Reinhardt

You most likely won’t be able to kill these two but you will be able to slow them down, allowing you teammates to deal the damage for you. Remember, Overwatch isn’t about getting the most kill, it’s about teamwork.



  • Roadhog or Winston  > Pharah/Reaper

Pharah raining BARRAGE of justice or Reaper backstabbing you from the shadows getting annoying? No problem. Just pick either Roadhog or Winston to dispose of these squishy assaults, just remember that these guys can easily flank you hard using their built-in mobility so when you go in, have a plan.

  • RoadhogTracer

When it comes to these two, Roadhog and Tracer, it can actually go either way. If Roadhog catches Tracer with his CHAIN HOOK, it’s GG. But, if a skilled Tracer uses her mobility wisely it can change the tide of battle to her favor. This match up comes down to the skills of the players.



  •  Tracer or Reaper > Bastion

Another way to get rid of Bastion if you’re not feeling like using Windowmaker or Genji, is to use heroes like Tracer and Reaper’s mobility to flank Bastion and end him…or her….or it. This composition counter depends on one’s skills with these characters. If Bastion sees you coming, it’s good night for you.

  • Tracer > Windowmaker

Windowmaker will have a tough time trying to hit Tracer when she uses her BLINK and RECALL to evade here shots. Get close to Windowmaker while using her mobility and finish her with her PULSE PISTOLS.



  • Zenyatta The Tank Destroyer > All Tanks

Zenyatta can take out, and/or at least allow another hero to take out a tank hero such as Winston or Reinhardt by amplifying the amount of damage they receive, as long as Zenyatta maintains line of sight using his ORB OF DISCORD. This is great when the enemy team has 3 tanks on their side. Basically, Zenyatta can counter any tank that comes at him, he is the tank destroyer.


  • Lucio >  Low Mobility Heroes

Lucio can’t necessary take enemies down easily from my experience but, what he can do is use his CROSSFADE to speed up himself and his teammates, which will allow the high damage characters to flank easier. He may and use the word MAY loosely, beat Bastion and other slow characters. Notice how there’s a lot of heroes against Bastion. Is it discrimination against non- sentient lifeforms? Yes. Do I care? No! Let’s carry on.

  • Lucio > D.va/Winston

Lucio is great at mid range against the likes of D.va and Winston as his SONIC AMPLIFIER can do moderate damage against them. You can heal you teams while taking care of the enemies defense unit.


  • Bastion > Reinhardt/Winston 

Bastion is the best option when it comes to taking down barriers and shields set up by Reinhardt or Winston. However to be honest, this guy can take down almost any hero who isn’t aware of his presence. That’s why this damn thing gets “Play of The Game” so easily…..not hating though as he has a few weakness of his own.

Soldier: 76


  • Soldier 76 > Tracer

Soldier 76 is a pretty generic shooter. However, he is one of the many heroes who can stand a chance against Tracer. His HEAVY PULSE RIFLE have no travel time and his ultimate ability has air auto aim. So no matter where Tracers dashes off to, she’s always on Soldier 76’s line of sight. And if you add his HELIX ROCKETS and his SPRINT to the mix, you have an even greater chance to silence the British teleporter once and for all.



  • Symmetra >  High Mobility Heroes

Symmetry’s torrent’s are a great way to deal with mobile heroes. They fires off speed-reducing blasts at the nearest enemy within range. This is a nightmare for any Low Health, High DMG and High Mobility heroes who try to get into the back lines as the turrets would just lock on to them and rip  them apart.

  • Symmetra > Reinhardt/Winston

Symmetra is also good against dealing with tanks like Reinhardt and Winston, especially Reinhardt as the alt of her PHOTON PROJECTOR creates an aura that increases  in damage the longer its charged up. This will be useful in by passing Reinhardt’s shield and attacking him directly.



  • Hanzo > Reinhardt/Bastion

Hanzo can counter Reinhardt (in certain situations) or Bastion with his SCATTER ARROW. This works especially for Bastions that like to hunkered down aka camp in a corner or near a back wall.



  • Mercy = Mercy

The best way to deal with a Mercy is to have another Mercy on your team. The reason for this is that she has the highest healing powers in the game and it will make it difficult to kill other heroes in my opinion.


  • Reinhardt > All

Not much can be said about Reinhardt from my experience. He can stand his own to almost anyone who dares to cross his path.

That’s it for me, if I learn more Hero counters, I’ll add them into the list. Let me know if I have forgotten any counters and I hope this list helps you out. I’m out Peace.

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