This has been an ongoing question in the Dragon Ball community and in this blog, I plan to hopefully shed some light on this matter on why Future Trunks now has blue hair in his new concept art…

Ever since Future Trunks had been announced to make a return to Dragon Ball Super, the Dragon Ball community have been asking one crucial, important question, and that is, why is Trunks’s hair blue now. Is he from a different timeline? A different universe? Did he dye his hair blue so Vegeta couldn’t make fun of him anymore? Well it’s none of the above really.

The real reason why Trunks’s hair is blue is because that’s how Toriyama drew it for the concept art. If you remember back when Dragon Ball Super was first announced and we first got to see a glimpse of all the returning Z fighters, guess what colour Kid Trunks’s hair was at that time….you guess it, blue!


And once the series actually took off, Trunks’s hair was once again returned to his natural pinkish taint that he has always been known for in the series. So I wouldn’t worry or think too much into it, it’s just the way Toriyama draws his characters at the initial stage. It’s the animators who changed his original hair colour to pink for unknown reasons. Hopefully this clears things up a bit. At least he didn’t have horrible red hair at some random point in the anime like his father right?

If you ask me, the blue hair actually looks cool on him and I wouldn’t be angry in the slightest if the animators decide make his hair blue.

The real question we should be asking here is, who is Black Goku and why is he called Black Goku? Personally if you asked me for my opinion, I’m hoping that he isn’t a Goku with a colour swap to his skin.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am one of the many people who would love to see a black saiyan officially in the anime and in action, but I would rather have an original designed character, than a character that a fan could probably make in Photoshop in seconds. That’s just me anyways, if it does happen, well then I hope Toriyama is prepared for the massive backlash that will surely follow with it.

Guess we just have to wait and see for what’s to come. Let me know your thoughts in the comment’s below.

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