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Nintendo Just Confirmed That The NX & New Legend of Zelda Are Scheduled for a March 2017 Release

Am I the only one that’s a bit puzzled by this sudden announcement of Nintendo’s next generation platform of gaming…

Nintendo has officially just announced the release date of the Nintendo NX via Twitter. The console is being released on March 2017 which to me seems fine overall, but what got me puzzled is the method they chose to announce the NX. Due to Nintendo announcing the date, they have also confirmed that we won’t get to see the console in E3 2016, instead their primary focus at E3 will be on the new Legend of Zelda.

So Nintendo skipped last year’s E3 to come back with only one game under their belt and we won’t  even get see a glimpse of the console till next year? Yeah, it’s save to say things are looking kinda shaky right now. However, we need to remember that the NX comes in two forms, the console and the handheld version, and from the looks of the tweet, it hasn’t ruled out the handheld out just yet so we might be in for a surprise…hopefully.

On the other news, Nintendo has also confirmed the release date for the new Legend of Zelda, also making a debut on March 2017, delaying the game from it’s 2016 release. Guess they want to simultaneously release the game on both the NX (console) and the Wii U.

Let me know what you guys make of this sudden news.

One thought on “Nintendo Just Confirmed That The NX & New Legend of Zelda Are Scheduled for a March 2017 Release

  1. Its not at all confirmed there’s a console and handheld version. That’s just a rumor, we won’t know until they officially show it off.

    As for the random reveal, its not random. Nintendo had a press briefing event in Japan this morning. This is one of the few times they had a substantial reveal at a press briefing event, though. Last Fall when they had it the big thing they had was Miitomo getting announced. Although, they also confirmed there would be at least one more Nintendo Direct before the end of the year.

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