Pax East is currently going and with that a lot of interesting titles are starting to appear, one of which happens to be Mekazoo, a new platformer that takes key notes from the classic Sonic games…

Mekazoo is a throwback 2D platformer with vibrant and fully 3D worlds that can be explored and conquered with a kinetically diverse cast of Mekanimals. Essentially it combines classic sonic platformer with the ability to transform into different animals that will help you traverse the stages.

To me it sounds like they combined Sonic the Hedgehog with a game called Scaler, which also had that kind of similar mechanic of transforming into different monsters you beat in order overcome the challenges the stages presents to you. Which honestly isn’t a bad thing as I did enjoy Scaler, it was a very good for what it was.

It visually looks great and the stages looks extremely challenging and fun too so I will be keeping my eye on it.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

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