I just got done reading the Naruto One-Shot Side story which mainly focuses on Mitsuki and his origin story which unveiled quite a lot about that this character…

*Warning Spoiler Ahead*


This Naruto Side manga was incredibly interesting. We finally got an answer to what exactly Mitsuki is and where he came from. It turns out that Mitsuki is in fact a synthetic human, created by Orochimaru to serve as his “child”. This entire chapter pretty much focuses on trying to see if Mitsuki has the capability to chose his own path as a shinobi. We learn that Orochimaru had been testing him several times, each failed attempt resulting in his memory been wiped out. From what was said in this manga, it seems that Orochimaru wants to create someone who will be able to protect the peace of the village from within the shadow.

We also learned that Mitsuki isn’t the first synthetic human that Orochimaru had created. Another one, who is the adult version of Mitsuki has been helping Orochimaru with his tests. Now there wasn’t much said about this Adult Mitsuki, whether he is a failed prototype, or a real human. All we know is that he was the first prototype. Guess that will remain a mystery for now.

The chapter starts out with a beaten up Mitsuki, lying in bed, barley unable to move. We see Orochimaru approaching the boy and handing him some medicine to drink, which it turns out to be a memory eraser, and straight after drinking it, he begins to ask who he is as he realized that he lost his memory. Orochimaru vaguely answers his questions, telling him that he is his parent.

Mitsuki, looking at Orochimaru, then asked the million dollar question that even we as the viewers have been wondering about for quite some time, and that is which of the parent role is he supposed to be, a mother or a father. The fact that Mitsuki even had to ask such a question speaks volume itself. Not even the characters in the Naruto world know what gender this man is. That part made me laugh.

However, the best part of the manga came from Mitsuki revealing his special ability, one of which most of us wanted to see for the longest of time, the true form of the snake sage mode.


This chapter not only answered the question of who Mitsuki is, but showed us a glimpse of his prowess and ability that honestly caught me off guard. In the chapter, it was revealed that Mitsuki had the ability to use Sage Mode and his sage mode looked more refined and absolutely amazing. If I were to take a guess, I would say that Mitsuki’s sage mode is the fully mastered sage mode that Kabuto failed to complete. It visually looks more powerful and cooler than Kabuto’s sage mode and it has ghostly snake aura swirling around him which adds to the savagery.

In the end, Mitsuki learns his fate and the future that awaits him. In a way he was created to be a rival and a protector of the sun, which is referring to Boruto, by becoming the moon that illuminates the sky.

The pacing for this chapter was done very well and the art style was great too. This chapters really hyped me up for a number of reasons. The fact that Mitsuki has sage mode already means that both Boruto and Sarada will have to bust out really high level jutsus to be on par with Mitsuki. Maybe Boruto will attain his own unique sage mode or Sarada could learn to use a new version of the Susano’o that complements her fighting style. Just thinking about it has gotten me hyped up for the anime and manga.

The only thing that disturbed me about the chapter was Orochimaru. I can’t figure this man out. What are his intentions? Is he really a good guy now or just plotting another takeover? Guess only time will tell.

I can’t wait for more of this Naruto Side manga’s to come out in the future.



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