So there’s some new gameplay footage of Nier: Automata and from what I’ve seen, it’s looking pretty clean…

Now everything in this video is in Japanese so it’s quite difficult to make out what was going on in that video, but if I were to take a guess, I would say that it seems that you are able to switch between the two characters that were shown in the video. I also think there might be a character customization option to change how your character looks ( skin tone, clothes, height etc. ). I also got the impression that the world in Nier Automata will be interactive,  judging from how they shot down the bridge.

An lastly, I’m not sure whether this will be a feature for us players but it seems we might possible be able to create our own levels. I’m basing this assumption on the part in which they placed a bunch of enemies on the map. Now that could very well just be a dev mode that players won’t be able to access in the final product. It would be pretty cool to have such feature in the game.

This game is looking really awesome and its coming out exclusively on the PS4 at the moment. Hopefully this developers will port this game to PC and Xbox One.


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