So Nintendo’s first official app, Miitomo, has finally hit the market on both the Android and the iOS for NA & EU, but what exactly is it? I download it out of sheer curiosity and I’ll be given you guys my first impression of it…

Well first of, Miitomo is not a game per se, but is more of a social communication app that allows you to create your own Mii and that Mii will then communicate with other Mii’s. It’s a simple concept. When I first downloaded the app, I logged in with my Nintendo ID and just imported my already present Mii to the app (didn’t really feel like starting fresh) and after answering some question, I finally made it to the home page. At first I thought that this app would be a watered-down, family safe version of a social media app, but I was wrong.

After adding a bunch of people (max cap been 1,000), which by the way, can only be done through linking your social media, I realized that you could pretty much say and post whatever you wanted. Curse words weren’t censored at all which to me was a huge surprise considering its Nintendo we’re talking about and with the voice-narrator reading out what you wrote, plus the Mii’s facial impressions during all of it, I couldn’t help but put a smile on my face during certain situations. Screenshot_2016-03-31-21-54-37[1]

Honestly this app isn’t all too bad, in fact, it’s gonna eat up a lot of your time in the early stages when you first download it and use it yourself but I do feel like the novelty of it will wear out soon for most people and the only reason why you would want to reopen up the app again would be to earn Miitomo points that can be used to purchase things from My Nintendo. That and if you enjoy dressing up your Miis.

In my opinion, if you’re remotely into Nintendo things, I would recommend you to get the app, its very fun, easy to use and there’s an actual benefit to using the app in the long run. So yeah, that’s my first impression of it. If you downloaded the app, let me know in the comments below.

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