With E3 2016 looming around the horizon, it’s only natural that leaks will start to show its face to the surface and one of those leaks just happens to be a image of the supposed Nintendo NX controller. Now the question is, whether or not its real or just a hoax…

Like many of you out there who may have seen the controller, our initial reaction to it was rather shocking to say the least. I mean seriously, really, look at this abomina…OK let me calm down a bit and look at it from a more rational perspective.


So from what I can see, its a oval shaped controller with two thumb sticks and what appears to be a LED or OLED screen. I can barely make out a B button and at the top is a clock of some sort. In normal circumstances, right off the bat I would discredit this image as fake for three simple reasons. One, it seem impractical to have a screen that large across the controller, the buttons (if any) are too curved in and finally it just looks too damn ugly and uncomfortable for a next gen controller. That would have been the case anyways.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking right now, “but its Nintendo, masters of innovations and creators of the Wii Remote and Wii Pad. This could be plausible” and you might be right and I wouldn’t hold it against Nintendo to create something that unique. Heck, its because of Nintendo’s uniqueness and innovative spirit that brought motion control and touch pad into the gaming scene.

And to add fuel to the fire, what adds weight to this leak is the fact that it closely matches a patent design Nintendo has already registered in the past. Of course that does not confirm anything as a talented engineer could easily use the patent as a blueprint and manufacture a hollowed version of the controller just to fool eager Nintendo fans and the public.


All I’m gonna say to this image is that if it is indeed real, then this picture either does not do the controller justice or it’s still an early prototype and has yet to be completed. Either way at E3 2016 we will maybe get our questions answered. For now stay vigilant and trust nothing until its show time at E3. Thank you for reading!

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