So during the debut for his Yeezy Season 3 fashion collection and his new album, The Life of Pablo in New York, Kanye shared a trailer of the game he has been working on titled Only One: The Game, which pretty much shows his mother going into heaven. We know next to nothing besides what was shown in the trailer. However the internet as it turns out already hate the game and the reasons are plain dumb…..

The internet and the media reaction are all basically the same, the media uses titles like “bizarre, weird & unusual”  which to me  seems like their trying to somewhat discredit his game idea, while the internet, as sensitive always either hates the game because it’s Kayne or get mad because there’s religious symbolism involved.

I get it, Kanye has done and said some pretty weird stuff and comes across as an arrogant person, but if there’s one thing I’ll give that man, it’s that he isn’t afraid to be creative and express himself.

There’s nothing I can say about those that hate Kanye, if you hate him, you hate him and that’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion I guess. As for the people who are getting mad and upset because there’s religious symbolism in his game, I bet you’re also the same people that enjoyed games like Darksiders, Asura’s Wrath, Bayonetta, DmC and God of War because these game aren’t inspired by any religious and mythological symbolism right?

Look, when I first saw the trailer for myself, I was analyzing it from a gamer’s perspective. Obviously it goes without saying that the fact that Kanye is making a game dedicated to his mother shows just how much his mother meant to him and that’s cool and all, but I was more concerned on how the game will actually play to be honest. The concept and the art style they went with reminded me of games like Journey, a game that will tell a story without dialogues.

I’m not going to jump the hate wagon and judge the game before I see any gameplay because that would be dumb. If it’s good, I’ll say its good and if it’s bad, I’ll say it’s bad. Gaming is all about creativity, it’s another way to show and tell a story and the freedom to express yourself, so if Kanye wants to tell a story about his mother then he can, I just hope he is ready for the judgement that will come out of it because even if his game is a tribute, at the end of the day it’s still a game, a game that will be analysed judged and rated based off it’s performance just like any other game out there.

Here is the trailer if you’re interested to see it.

Thank You for reading!

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