Over the weekend, a mobile game called Bleach: Brave Souls arrived on both iOS and Android and upon hearing good things about it on Twitter (BTW, follow me on Twitter) I decided to try out the game myself and to my surprise, I ended up playing it a lot more than I originally planned and I enjoyed it a lot…

Bleach: Brave Souls is a hack-and-slash game that allows up to three players to play together and features characters from the popular animated series. The game pretty much retells the story of the anime series using images and text dialogue. The game has three modes, Story Mode, Battle Mode and Co-Op Mode.

The Story Mode is where you will get to relive the story of Ichigo Kurosaki as he journeys into the Soul Society and faces off against powerful enemies and villains. In other mobile games, there’s a stamina system implemented to prevent you from playing the game for a certain amount of time and once you run out of it you either had to wait for it to recharge (in some cases for hours) or pay real money to continue on. With Bleach: Brave Souls is different. Yes, you do have those cool-downs which in this game its called ” Stamina Ticket” but instead of paying real money, if you want to continue on, you can use one of the game’s in-game currency called “GEM” to buy the tickets in a bulk at a very cheap price, essential playing for however long you want.Screenshot_2016-01-18-15-35-22

The Story mode is also the best way to earn certain items you will need to upgrade your characters and make them stronger and once you complete a story arc, there’s a Hard and Very Hard difficult mode to earn even more loot. For the most part, it doesn’t take too long to complete each mission and most of your time will be spent by you reading the dialogues.

Next on the list is the Battle Mode. In Battle Mode you can earn items called “Medal” and you can exchange them for various things such as characters or summoning tickets. There’s also a Rank system consisting of three leagues; Seat Officer, Lieutenant, and Captain and at the end of the League season, you are rewarded based on where you ranked.

After leveling up your team, you can take them into Battle Mode to test them out against other players’ teams and rank up. There’s only one catch to it, you can’t control your characters in the fights as it’s all automated, however, you can watch them duke it out in the battle arena which can be entertaining to watch. Another drawback to the Battle Mode is that you only get five “Battle Tickets” per day. Once you used them up, you going to have to wait for 24hrs to battle again.


The last mode is, of course, CO-OP Mode. Here you’re able to join 3 other players in real-time to complete events and missions. You can play with friends or randoms you meet. The only difference here is that you can only pick one character to enter the missions. While playing co-op with other players I noticed a small amount of lag but nothing game-breaking. The only thing that annoyed me while playing co-op was when other people used their ultimates. Every time someone uses their ultimate you gotta sit through the whole cutscene and when the whole squad has an ultimate…yeah it gets annoying real quick.

There are different types of mobs in the game and the difficulty scales as you progress through the story’s missions and CO-OP missions.

Screenshot_2016-01-18-16-17-04 Screenshot_2016-01-18-16-18-06

The character customization in terms of stats is actually simple. There are 2 ways to upgrade your stats tree, collecting enough upgrade stones from daily dungeons run or using GEMS. I found that using the upgrade stones along with the coins you will earn from the dungeons is a much superior way to leveling up your character, however, it can be expensive so watch out for that. Ascending a character is also another cool feature in the game in which you are uncapping their max level. The best way to do this is by feeding a certain character with the same character, as it gives them a huge boost to the exp. A similar method goes for accessories in the game too.

Screenshot_2016-01-18-17-17-01 Screenshot_2016-01-18-17-18-18

Now for the SHOP/SUMMON section because you will be able to get those high-level characters and accessory. In my opinion, everything can be earned by just playing the game and I never once felt the urge to purchase anything. You earn 3 25 GEMS for one summon pretty quick and accessory only cost 15 GEMS. I personally recommend saving up your GEMS for a multi-summon as you obliviously want the 4 stars and above cards. There’s also Summons ticket you can earn from doing your daily and weekly tasks but I noticed that the best way to get characters is to save up those GEMS.Screenshot_2016-01-18-16-30-43

Overall, this is a very fun and addictive mobile game that I would recommend anyone who is a fan of the Bleach series to try out. The visual is sharp, colorful and vibrant and the soundtrack is very nice too. They even have mirrors in the game that reflects accurately which is very impressive. The gameplay is solid for the most part but like any mobile games out there, it those get repetitive after a while, so I’m kinda glad they added an Auto feature so you can take breaks in between missions and just watch the character go kill mobs.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, try it out now, it’s free so you got nothing to lose.

Thank You for reading.

BLEACH: Brave Souls Is A Really Fun And Addictive Mobile Game [REVIEW]
7.5 / 10 Reviewer
Overall, this is a very fun and addictive mobile game that I would recommend anyone who is a fan of the Bleach series to try out. The visual is sharp, colorful and vibrant and the soundtrack is very nice too. They even have mirrors in the game that reflects accurately which is very impressive.
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