With all these super heroes live action TV shows popping out left and right, I feel that it’s time for Virgil Hawkins aka Static Shock to return to the lime light and once again prove to the world why it’s an all time classic and deserve his own  live TV show…

For all you youngsters out there that may have missed this show, Static Shock is an American animated television series that premiered on September 23, 2000. It’s about a fourteen year old African American named Virgil Hawkins who lives with his older sister Sharon and his widowed father Robert in Dakota City. During the dispute with the police after been trapped between a gang feud, containers with unknown chemicals exploded, releasing a gas that caused mutations among the people in the vicinity. As a result, Virgil obtains the ability to create, generate, absorb, and control electricity and magnetism. He then takes up the alter-ego of “Static” and becomes a hero.


This show was amazing back in the day and in fact its still great today, it dealt with a lot issues that are currently plaguing our society today and did so with a solid entertainment factor and a role model that I would say is on par with Peter Parker aka Spidey himself, a character that everyone can relate to in some degree and a promotion of diversity for not only African-American viewers, but for audiences of all colors and ages. It had one of the most catchiest theme songs ever (there’s three themes songs but once you hear it you’ll know which one I’m referring to), in fact, the moment that song comes on, your ass is singing to it, whether you liked it or not. I learned a lot from watching this series as a kid and I feel that it still holds a lot of merits that can be brought back to light with a live adaptation.

Obviously it goes without saying that I want the character to be played by someone who at the very least has watched the series and has a understanding of the character’s personality and traits. All eyes these days usually points to Jaden Smith and yeah I can’t deny that he does look the part, HOWEVER, whether or not he can portray the character itself and do him justice is up for debate. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that can name actors that can do a better job, if so please share them in the comments, I’m interested to see your selection of choice.


Heck, even a brand new cartoon adaptation of this series with an updated visual would be amazing to see as long as they still retain the core essences of what made this show great (and by that I mean don’t turn it into a Teen Titan Go), I’m good.

With the whole Jaden thing, I’m aware that there’s a rumor of a Static Shock movie in the works but there’s no prove yet of that statement. So what do you think, those Static still have a chance of returning once again and shocking the world like it did back in the day? And yeah that pun was well intended.

Thank You for reading.

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