So like many of you out there, I got access to the first Closed Beta (CBT1) of Black Desert and after playing with the game for several hours, it dawned upon me on how this game is not your typical average MMO. So I wanted to share with you all what I have learned from playing the beta thus far…

Right off the bat I can already tell you that in terms of its visuals and graphics, this game is beyond amazing. Black Desert world is stunningly beautiful and incredible detailed with lots to areas explore like hidden caves, rare resources and finding hidden treasures. The entire world is seamless so there are no loading screens in sight. The closed beta had some decent graphics optimization settings but I hope they will add more when the game comes out.

The customisation is unreal, there’s no limit to what you could create and I’m sure the fist few hours will be spent creating amazing work of art.


When I first started playing, I did exactly what any normal player would do, I immediately did the quest missions as I thought it would be the best way to level up faster. However after a couple of hours, I learned real quick that the best way to level up your character in my own opinion is to pick a spot that is 2 – 4 levels higher than you and grind it out. The game is designing with combat in mind so it make sense that the majority of your EXP would come from killing off the monsters that get in your way.



The monsters or Mobs in this game are really awesome in design and there is also a mechanic in this game where you have to kill a certain amount of a particular monster to get a full knowledge regarding its type. It also allows you to see the health status of that said monster too and because of this you won’t be able to see the monster health early on until you have killed enough of its species to receive knowledge on it. Not gonna lie, I felt like a monster hunter or a witcher whenever I received information of the monster I had defeated.


With that been said there’s no reasons to totally ignore the questing either. Quests can still offer you extra experience and special items for upgrading your gear and its also your best source of lore of course. The combat is similar to Vindictus and SkyForge but with its own twist to it. I didn’t quite enjoy Skyforge’s combat but Black Desert actually made it fun to pull off visually epic combos. The combat mechanic is all free aim so you don’t  lock on to your target.


I haven’t quite looked into crafting in this game yet but from what I have seen there’s a lot of depth to crafting and the majority of items in the game that you will see can be crafted. I even heard that you can own multiple houses and each house has a selection of options to choose from that will determine the purpose of that house and what it should be but you can only have one house that you live in and put furniture in. You send out workers to gather materials at places called “nodes.”  Workers can gather materials and craft items for you while you’re out adventuring.


The game is heavly focused on PvP and so far I haven’t heard any ground-breaking P2W elements in this game. There’s a castle siege where guilds compete to own a castle and they also added 3v3 arena. The 3v3 pvp arena is  the one I’m more interested in but I’ll try out the siege too if I can find myself a guild.


There are mounts too, horses, elephants, camel and more. Every mount in this game differs by not only appearance but its ability in performance. Certain mounts are better for fast travelling, while others are better for cargo transportation. I’m kinda hoping they will add tigers,lions or maybe even a glowing beast as mounts too in the future because that would be cool.


I currently have a donkey and to be quite honest it’s quite slow as I was able to out run it several times but its cool to have regardless and it can hold items that may slow you down so that’s a plus, currently working on taming a horse but I’m in no rush.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with this game so far and I look forward to playing the full release. The beta will end on the 22 December so I you’re interesting in trying out the beta I’m sure there are some keys been given away or you can buy a key too.

Thank You for reading. Please feel free to share this with anyone you might think would be interested in playing this game.


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