Yo I feel ashamed that  a game like this flew under my radar…


OK, so during Paris Games Week, Square Enix dropped a trailer for a game called Nier: Automata, designed by former Square Enix designer Akihiko Yoshida. I was blown away by how amazing this game looked and knowing that Platinum Games are working along side Square Enix, you can expect some crazy-ass combos and over the top boss battles.

NieR: Automata is a new third-person action RPG, follow-up to the 2010 cult hit NIER. I never knew this game even had a prequel but nevertheless I am glad it got the green light for a sequel. From my understanding of the lore of the game its pretty much this: aliens invades a futuristic earth, earth creates a batch of androids, they failed and now they unleash a more upgraded ones that can actually hold they own.

What really stood out for me when I first watched the trailer was the particle effects that would occur as soon that the character activates its ability. The graphics are really good too so that’s a plus. The combat looked fluid as hell and I really liked how the character was dodging every attack like a boss.

Here is the trailer so you can check it out yourself.

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