Fear not my YouTube brethren, all is explained here…


YouTube recently announced a new membership designed to provide you with the ultimate YouTube experience.

YouTube Red lets you enjoy videos across all of YouTube without ads, while also letting you save videos to watch offline on your phone or tablet and play videos in the background, all for $9.99 a month. Your membership extends across devices and anywhere you sign into YouTube, including our recently launched Gaming app and a brand new YouTube Music app we’re announcing today that will be available soon.

With that news naturally came with it a lot of speculations on whether or not this spells doom for content creators. I myself was a little bit concerned at first, as there were a lot articles floating around and claiming that YouTube plans to “privatize” a lot of videos if the content creators don’t sign some sort of new terms and condition. Others are worrying about how this will affect their revenues.

Well Totalbiscuit, a content creator on YouTube has kindly enough decided to take the time out of his day to fully explain what this situation is all about.

Here the SoundCloud that holds all the answers:


In my opinion, I don’t see this as such a bad thing. There are a lot of people on YouTube that create amazing work and if there is a system that will allow their loyal fans to support them directly then that’s even better right? Heck, people sub to streamers on Twitch to support them because they enjoy the streams, so is this any different?

I don’t know how this will affect YouTube in the future, we will just have to wait and see where this goes.

Also here is the announcement video in case you were interested:

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