So after chapter 5 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, my mind has been buzzing with ideas and theories as to what could place in the Dragon Ball Universe…


Alright so I’m going to quickly recap on what I’m talking about. Champa visits Universe 7 Earth in order to challenge Beerus to a food battle like he always does, he loses to a dish made in Earth and after discovering that Universe 6 Earth has been destroyed and no humans are left, he challenges Beerus for Universe 7’s Earth. This promoted into a sort of Intergalactic Budokai were five of Universes best warriors will go up against five of Universes 6 best warriors.

Now this is where things get really interesting for me. At first I thought that this would just be a mirror match, Goku vs Goku, Gohan vs Gohan etc, but then I realized that this might not be the case. Since Earth 6 was destroyed its possible that, that universe can tell a completely different story than the one we have come to know. This opens up a huge opportunity for Toriyama to literally tell any story he wants.

He could tell a story in which Planet Vegeta was never destroyed and the Saiyans are still alive, maybe even have evolved from their primitive state and have all achieved the legendary Super Saiyan transformation.  A world where Goku is a feared warrior across the galaxy and Vegeta is a King. Toriyama could even introduce Gina, Goku’s Mother and Bardock, Goku’s Father into the mix. A world where we might finally get a black super saiyan (Hey, if you know me, then you know that I had to throw this in there, just saiyan).

He could even make some non-canon things canon, like Broly (hopefully not) and the Super Saiyan 4 transformation. The possibility is endless, it’s a like that fan-fiction known has Dragon Ball Multiverse, if you haven’t read it please do and you will understand my hype for this.

Maybe in that Universe instead of the Saiyans been wiped out it was the Namekians or the Frieza race that was wiped out. That earth been destroyed could have had a huge butterfly effect on the entire universe itself and that’s why I am so excited to see where Toriyama will takes this story. It’s a shame that the anime is still re-telling the Resurrection Arc but once that’s done the hype train will take-off.

I just cannot wait to read all the fan theories people will come now that this is confirmed. Let me know how you feel about this.

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