Yep, you read it right, I didn’t enjoy the new Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ movie and here’s why…

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Spoiler Ahead – You Have Been Warned!

First of all, this is NOT a review that’s critically analyzing  every detail of the movie, second of all I am fully aware that the movie got good reviews/scores all around. This is just my opinion from a fan perspective. I know its not going to be a popular opinion but I still want to share it  and see what people think,  so well here goes.

I found the movie to be anti-climatic, the entire movie to me felt like an excuse just to show off the new transformation of Goku and Vegeta. Now I would be totally fine with that but the approach that they went with just wasn’t there for me. There were a few plot holes that didn’t make any sense, such as the ability to bring back Frieza from the dead for instance.

How can they bring him back when he was dead for almost a decade. Everyone knows that when someone dies in the Dragon Ball universe, there’s a very small time-span (died less than a year before the summoning) in which you can wish for them back.

I am willing to turn a blind eye on this matter, but there’s a lot more pet peeves in this movie that really annoyed me. But let me first highlight some good points that I liked in this movie.

I will say that Jaco was a great character in this movie and every time he was on screen, I had a smile on my face. I really enjoyed his character and I REALLY hope he makes an appearance in Dragon Ball Super. Seeing the Z-fighter in action was pretty cool too, especially Roshi, I was very happy to see him back in action. I am not going to talk about Gohan for obvious reasons.

Back to my rant if you want to call it that.

They reason in the movie for Goten and Trunks not appearing in the fight felt like an complete ass-pull. You’re telling that two naturally gifted half-saiyans couldn’t feel that immersive power level pressures from not only the Z-fighters, but the 1000 Frieza foot soldiers and Frieza himself? C’mon that just bull and didn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Then the big moment came when Goku, Vegeta and Frieza met. They exchanged some smack talks and then started fighting. The choreography was amazing I’ll admit that but I couldn’t get hyped. The movie just didn’t do a great job in emphasizing the new  found strengths of both of these characters. I honestly just sat there and thought “When are they gonna fight for real?“. It honestly didn’t feel like two god-level warriors were fighting.

The entire time Goku had the upper hand, their power level difference was just too great from the very beginning which resulted in Frieza actually ending up cheating and ordering someone to blast Goku from behind with a laser.

That scene made me question why Frieza was even brought back to begin with. I understand that Frieza is Toriyama’s favorite character but in terms of story wise it just didn’t make any sense at all.

The laser scene was actually really dumb in my opinion, Goku has trained for years, never missing one day of training and is literally a master martial artist. His instincts should have been honed to the absolute max, so you tell me how Goku couldn’t sense a mid-powered warrior who had an evil blood-lust intent to kill him from the shadows.

I get that in the movie Whis told them about their weaknesses, but they emphasized Goku’s one way too much. Not to mention that Goku can dodge bullets like these rappers can dodge thots. Even if he was distracted, how can a laser penetrated him like that, a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan? If you got a good reason besides “really powerful weapon” let me know.

Maybe I am thinking way too much into it but it is something that annoyed me.

Even with all of my points that I’ve made, my biggest peeve with this movie was how dirty they did Vegeta. Vegeta in all honesty should have been the one to kill Frieza, there was absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t have killed him, the part where Whis demonstrated his powers wasn’t necessary in my opinion, that could have been saved for Dragon Ball Super. The moment Goku came to save the day, I was done with this movie.

Overall I feel like this movie was over-hyped by the fans. Yeah I get it, we haven’t gotten Dragon Ball materials in 18 years but if we let our nostalgia blind us like that, well I really up that’s not the case in the future.

This may come off as me hating the movie but that’s just my opinion on this, let me know how you feel about what I said and point me out if I made any mistakes.

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