So I got a chance to try out the beta of Star Wars Battlefront on the PC and OMG those graphics…

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Alright so I guess I’ll start with the graphics since that was my opening statement. I was blown away by how gorgeous the game looked when I first booted it up. The textures, lightning, damm near everything looked so so amazing and photo realistic, I hesitated to believe and accept it all but gradually it began hit me that I was playing a game.

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The game played fluidly and there was little to no lag during my playthrough of the multiplayer. I was generally surprised that for a game whose recommendation was 16GB ram, I was able to play it on Ultra settings with little to no lag whats so ever on my 8GB ram.

The two multiplayer game modes that you will have access to are Walker Assault Mode and Drop Zone Mode. Trust me when I say this, you would want to start on Drop Zone first before proceeding to Walker Mode. The reason for this is that when you start the game, you are basically weak as heck and you gonna get killed, like a lot so if you venture to Walker Assault, level up in Drop Zone first and get the best gear before heading off to the 40 player mode.


Drop Zone was pretty simple, pods will drop and its up to your team to capture it, its a great way to learn the mechanics of the game. When you locate a drop pod’s landing site, make your way to it and trigger the short claim process. Your team will win if it captures five pods, or control the majority of them after the 10-minute match is up. If a pod is constantly changing possession with no team able to defend it long enough to claim it, another pod will be sent down to break the stalemate. Then, there would be two pods that the teams have to gain control over.

The Walker Assault is a completely different story.


Walker Assault is a game mode focusing on the Empire’s mighty AT-AT assault vehicles known as Walkers that is slowly but steadily moving towards a Rebel base. As the Empire your job is to protect the AT-AT, as the rebels your job is destroy it. There are small objective that each sides can do to help the progress. But from my experience the game seems to favour the Empire as I have yet to win a single game as a Rebel.

You will also be able to play as both Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in this mode. I luckily played as both these guys but its not as easier as I originally thought it would be as I failed…really badly.

I really enjoyed my time with this beta and it actually changed my mind as I originally did not plan to pick this game up, but upon playing it, I have decided to pick it up but not on day one but some time later on.

Do yourself a favour and try this beta out, its free after all.

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