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Sonic 24th Anniversary Fan Appreciation

Yesterday was Sonic 24th anniversary and I decided to compile a list of epic videos that fans created to show their appreciation to the blue blur…


Some of these videos were not released on the day but all of them carry appreciation for Sonic the Hedgehog and the memories that was created.

Sweet Dream – Short Film

[SFM] SA2 Scene Recreation: Faker!

[SFM] “Friendly” Competition

[SFM] Sonic Adventure 2: Showdown on the Space Colony ARK

[SFM] The Birth of Dark Sonic

I wish SEGA would open their eyes and see that the fans want Sonic the Hedgehog and are willing to support it. Sonic has been a part of my life ever since I was a child, he is my all-time favourite video game character and I will continue to support the blue blur in the future. Happy Birthday Sonic.

maxresdefault (12)


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