So huge I dont even know if this game will even work as they claim it will be…

no-mans-sky-screenshot-02-ps4-us-24jun14 (1)

At first I was amazed at the sheer scale of this No Man’s Sky game as exploration has always been something I am  interested in doing in a video game and Hello Games seems to want to take space exploration to the next level. There’s just one tiny thing that’s still bugging me… HOW THE HECK IS IT GOING TO WORK?

We got a “played” gameplay demonstration at E3 2015 and I know no more than what I did when it was first announced. No Man’s Sky claims to be a procedural generated open universe game where players take the role of explorers and explore the surfaces of numerous planets and universes that are procedural generated with more than 18 quintillion possible planets to uncover.

Its an ambitious dream and I am given the game the benefit of the doubt but I can’t phantom how it will actually work and I fear that it will somehow fail to deliver what it actually promises.

I also wonder who is going to be the legend that makes it to the center of the universe? I would like to achieve such feat…but then again it sounds like too much work.

Here is a video that will help understand why I am finding it difficult to believe Hello Games’s dream:

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