I honestly don’t know how I feel about it…


I really don’t want this series to enter into parallel universe stuff because it might end up creating unnecessary plot holes for the series but at the same time, a parallel universes also means parallel Z-fighters and the possibility of both universes clashing.

That would be pretty awesome, maybe the universe that Goku resides in is the positive universe and the universe that Champa (which by the way is his official name) might come from a negative universe. OK now that I am thinking of this, Akira Toriyama could make this work and we might end up with an insane battle like no other.

I mean if its not parallel universes, then what could it be. Their previous master maybe? Their kin from their respected homelands (I mean I know they’re gods but they must have a homeland which they come from). Look, I could sit here and come up with a gazillion theories which could get proven wrong in one episode so all we can do is wait patiently for some official news.

But its still fun to read other people theories, so what do you think they are? Let me know your thoughts.

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