It was a while back that we got info that Sasuke Uchiha will be the mentor of Boruto and now it seems that will be the case…

boruto___naruto_the_movie__boruto_chidori_by_narutorenegado01-d8xzp0w (1)

In the second trailer of Boruto – Naruto The Movie, at the very beginning you’ll see Boruto using his father’s trademark shadow clone jutsu while looking badass and it shows that even while he despises his father for neglecting him, he is still willing to learn his jutsus. We see Sarada practising the use of her sharingan and honestly I can’t wait to see what she will be able to do as she is currently my favourite character in the Naruto Gaiden era.

Sasuke is seen teaching Boruto and I believe this is the first time we see Sasuke using the shadow clone jutsu in multiple forms and I gotta admit its pretty awesome. Straight after that scene, Sasuke is seen clashing with a hooded figure, who the person is hasn’t been revealed yet.

Now the big moment that everyone and their mum are talking about is Boruto using the Chidori near the end of the promo trailer. Now we don’t see the form the chidori takes but knowing Kishimotto he will probably make it similar to Naruto’s Rasengan while still retaining the Lightning element. The end of the trailer was pretty hype too, a reminisce of the time Naruto and Sasuke both received the Sages power and are preparing to fight Madara.

I can’t wait for this movie to hit theatres soon (or online) whichever comes first.

Here is the first trailer in case you missed it.

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