I have been meaning to share my thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn for quite some time now…


After the long awaited reveal of The Last Guardian, Sony revealed their next new IP developed by Guerrilla Games called Horizon Zero Dawn and at first I thought its going to be yet another zombie game but damm was I glad to be wrong. Horizon Zero Dawn is an new action role playing game where mechanical badass looking dinosaurs are at the top of the food chain and us humans are at the bottom.

The main protagonist Aloy is a skilled hunter and explores her world inhabited by mysterious mechanized creatures and to uncover what really happen to the previous generation that once ruled the world. The gameplay looked absolutely fluid and the visual are amazing. The mechanical monster are very detailed in design and look epic as heck too.

Right now there isn’t much on the game yet but its going to be one of does games I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on.

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