I found my new main for smash 4 once I get my hands on a Wii U and Ryu be looking like a straight ass boss in his reveal trailer…


So early on today Nintendo revealed that Ryu and Roy are confirmed for Super Smash Bros 4. I never thought I would see Ryu in a smash bros game but Nintendo has proven me wrong once again. I am seriously enjoying Ryu movesets and how they have incorporated his combo system from the Street Fighter games, like the enhanced Hadoukon and Focus Attack.

Roy looks improved as well, with his visual been a super improvement from his old version and he seems to be a top tier level contender judging from his reveal trailer. The amount of contents that was announced in the smash bros direct was amazing and really gets me hyped for the game and E3.

One last thing that was revealed was the new tournament mode that will be released in August. I can already see this mode been a favorite to Youtubers who create smash content.

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