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I have played both Dark Soul 1 and 2 and I’m sure you can agree with me when I say its worrisome…


Dark Souls has received high praise from critics due to its combat depth, satisfactory difficulty, and deeply rooted mythology but the one thing it doesn’t do right is get the damm multiplayer to work smoothly. Yeah it works great when you’re summoning random strangers to help you take down a boss but most of us want to play with a friend.

Dark Souls 1 was a complete disaster when it came to trying to summon a specific person as you would spend hours trying to get it to work and sometimes never getting it in the end and Dark Souls 2 was slightly an improvement but not enough to make the experience great.

Nowadays people just want to play with their friends and I understand that the Dark Souls series are meant to make you feel isolated and to experience difficulties but if you can summon strangers to help you, you might as well just add an invite button to make life easier for us.

Well I hope From Software has learned from their past experience and have implemented it in Dark Souls 3.

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