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Akame ga KILL and Michiko & Hatchin are coming to Toonami

This is a pretty awesome news for all Akame fans…

99b6a4c7bd6a4200bead506d8085f61f Toonami  announced during their MomoCon panel that they will run the Akame ga KILL! and Michiko & Hatchin anime. Akame ga KILL! will premiere on August 8, while Michiko & Hatchin will premiere on June 20.

animepaperwallpapers_michiko-to-hatchin_nat16_1920x1200_92801I personally have watched the subbed version of Akame so I’m glad to see it getting a dubbed version which will get new people to watch it, however I haven’t seen much of Michiko so I guess I might as well wait till it hits Toonami this summer.

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