A small  summary of everything that was discussed in Google I/O…

Google officially introduced Android M, the next version of its mobile operating system. The next update from the Android L, Android M comes with lots of improvements on App permissions and Smoother linking transition.

Android M will improve user web experience and the battery live has been improve 2x with the ability to chose how you want to charge your device. They also talked about Android wear, and how consumers will be able to pay with their devices on partnered shops and stores.


Next thing is that was talked about was the Android Wear and the introduction of “Always On” apps. These apps will stay and will eliminate the need to wake up the watch. The also revealed apps like Google Fit, Golf Swing Analysis and Shazam that will take advantage of all the feature that are built on the watch with 4000+ more apps coming in the future.


Google also announced Brillo, Brillo is a stripped-down version of Android, a new platform for IoT (Internet of Things) and Weave which is another platform that makes communication within a building universal. Brillo goes into developer preview in Q3 and Weave will be ready by Q4.

Google Now on Tap is a new innovative feature that will provide you with information without leaving the screen or going out of context. Google works by simply holding the home button and Google will do the rest. This is really amazing and changes everything we are accustomed to with Google already. Google Now drops with Android M.


Google Photos will allow you to create a home to keep all of your most valuable photos while allowing you to organize and share your pictures. Google Photos automatically syncs all you photos and lets you find your photos with ease. Google Photos new multi-select gesture works in by pressing and holding, and drag your finger to select them all.  Google Photos offer service absolutely free and is unlimited.


AndroidOne are phones that will be able to run the most important apps and will be distributed in places that have difficulty accessing phones at a decent price. Google also plans to to cut data in half and increase the speed by 4x and introducing features like Youtube and Google maps working offline. Light Search and Video Services will launch in areas where bandwith is hard to receive.

Android Studio is a new and easier way to create app and the software support C/C++ which comes with Polymer 1.01 and Cloud Web Lab.

They talked more about how they want to

The full Conference:

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