Well this chapter gave us an explanation to what Sasuke’s has been up to this entire time…

The Father-Daughter reunion took a turn for the worse when Sasuke attacked Sarada with his sword and then proceeded to try and grab her but after getting a clear look at her he realised that it was her daughter. In Sarada’s mind she pictured her hugging her father but now things are too awkward. Seriously a man with the most powerful eyes in the ninja world couldn’t recognise his own daughter, shame on you Sasuke. OK joking aside maybe its been a while since he last saw her.


Naruto and ChouChou make it to the tower and after a quick chat, Sasuke asks Sarada what she wanted. Sarada asks who her really mother was and it shows that Sasuke was actually concerned about Sakura and asked what happened to her which prompt Sarada to go into rage mode.


Then the truth is finally revealed as to what Sasuke has been up to. It turns out he might have been living in the village for quite a few years before he left and the reason he left was do to a suspicion on a Being more powerful than Kaguya.

I like how Sasuke has accepted Naruto as the Hokage and is willing to be the shadow that protects the light, similarly to The Third and Danzo but much better.


It was revealed that the White Zetsu were already in development before Kaguya came into the picture and there’s a villain more powerful than her. Already this is going to be awesome series but I hope they explain this sudden boost in power, who could be even more powerful that Kaguya?

The mysterious figure finally revealed his face and I noticed that his arm was covered in sharingans and the were multiple clones of Shin’s in the cave. In the mean while Sakura is heading to the location of Sarada and Naruto, probably to give Sarada an ass whopping hehe. I think I understood why Sakura didn’t want to talk about that picture, it could be that maybe Sakura didn’t want to reveal Sasuke’s past to her as he was a wanted shinobi and a criminal in the past.


The Akatsuki then surprise attacked the group and the chapter ends with Sasuke getting ready to clash with the enemy.

We have made it half way into the series and it has yet to disappoint me, but already I can tell that there is no conspiracy in Sarada past, it could have simply been grown up keeping things from the kids scenari . Anyway, I am looking forward to Team 7 reunion once again.

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