What the Heck is…Endless?

Endless is a portable computer that’s plans to bring an end to places without PC…

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Endless is a computer, operating system, and ecosystem of applications tailored specifically to users in developing countries. The idea is to create aΒ computer for the entire world. The design itself is really sleek but I am not too sure about the price tag this thing’s got with it. The price starts around $169 for regular customers. I would have thought it would be a lot less but I guess the material used most have been a bit expensive.

The software is as simple using a modern mobile operating systems, with the power of a full desktop OS. The apps can be used online and offline and the overall objective is to provide information and education to the lesser areas.


I like the concept that went behind this project and I am always up for bettering the life’s of people so I hope it is a success. The kickstarter is already reached its goal but its still worth mentioning.


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