Things continues where the left of in part one of last weeks chapter…


Shin Uchiha shows us his Mangekyo Sharingan and gets ready to attack the seventh, but Naruto wasn’t about to be showed up by a Uchiha brat and kicks into his Kurama form. What’s funny is that this is the first time Naruto has fought after he won over Hinata. Naruto’s new form seems to be more superior than any other form thus far and it’s just pure awesome to see him back in action.


Not much happens afterwards as Shin retreats on orders of the mysterious figure. The rest of the time was traversing to the forest to reach Sasuke. Now there are a couple off things that I want to talk about, first been ChouChou. Why does Chouchou acted so dumb, its actually starting to hurt the flow of the manga. She keeps saying these idiotic things throughout the entire chapter and she is just straight out irrelevant.

Secondly, I have noticed that everyone, even Naruto gives Sarada the look the moment her past or anything related to her is mentioned. Could Sarada have some connection with this people who came to kidnapped her?


After Naruto finds out that Sarada knows nothing of her father, he spends some time telling her what type of person Sasuke was. I like how every time he describes Sasuke he adds “like me” at the end, it reminds me a lot of their childhood for some reason and me and you both know who was the cool one back then.


They continued on until they reached close enough to see the tower but once again Chouchou has to stop to rest because her fat ass cant handle power walks. Sarada decides to go ahead on her own by telling Naruto she had to pee. This is where things gets interesting, as Sarada was getting closer to the tower she begins to awaken the Sharingan. This is the first time we have seen someone active the Sharingan through happy emotions. She could possibly one day awaken the true powers of the Sharingan that Tobirama spoke of to Sasuke.


Then it happened, she finally met her Father but the outcome was both surprising and interesting as Sasuke assumes that she is part of the enemy that attacked her. Goes to show you that Saskue never even once decided to check up on her daughter secretly, similarly to how Itachi did back then. Once again the chapter ends on a cliffhanger, this week seems to be full of that as of late.

naruto-gaiden-the-seventh-hokage-5687635 naruto-gaiden-the-seventh-hokage-5687635

Overall the chapter had a good pace, if it wasn’t for ChouChou we could have been past this scene, but its OK. I just hope she has some redeeming quality in the future or she gonna end up carrying the mantle as the most hated character in the Naruto Universe.

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