This episode simply kept me on the edge of my sit the entire time and made me…no forced me to have DEM FEELS…

The entire tone of the episode “Fast Enough”  was  emotional, filled with some unpredictable moments, not to mention action-packed.


Barry visits Wells where Wells describes their relationship in the future and why he killed Barry’s mother and explained why he ultimately had to help Barry become the Flash. The chill that came with it has he utters those words were unreal.

The Flash --

Tom Cavanagh is the ultimate actor when it comes to playing as the reverse flash. His performance was amazing.

Wells also made a proposition to Barry, asking him to help creating a wormhole where Wells can return to his time, while also allowing Barry to go back in time to save his mother. Barry and the team are conflicted, as this could alter the timeline in an undetermined way, basically changing the very reality in which their exist.


Everything was resting upon Barry’s shoulder to make the right decision since now he has a choice between saving his mother and rebuilding his family but in exchange losing everything he has now. It was the most difficult decision Barry has ever made in this series and the outcome was unpredictable.


But after making his decision and learning that he had 1 min 52 secs to save his mum, Barry travels back in time to the night his mother was killed.

Now as a comic reader, I already possessed the knowledge that Barry’s mum was never saved but I still was left in complete shock when Barry made the decision to not safe his mum. Actually it was The Flash #2 who motioned Barry to not move. I was very curios about that scene.  Did he already predict that Barry one would return that night or was it just a coincidence he saw Barry,  guess only time will tell.


He return back, fought the reverse  flash and as the reverse flash was about to kill Barry, Eddie performs the ultimate sacrifice to stop Thorne for good. Now personally I don’t want to take anything away from the character but he could have just not reproduced or something but I guess thats the choice he made.

The show ends in an epic cliffhanger and that ends Season 1. From the beginning to the end, I enjoyed every single episode, liked the entire main casts, just everything about this show was brilliant.


I cant wait to see what Season 2 brings to the table. Its a must watch and I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

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